Gordon Fields

Warrant Officer

Active service included numerous overseas deployments throughout the world, performance of many humanitarian actions to aid persons subjected to natural disaster and less than desirable living conditions. Experienced first-hand, the diverse cultural differences, gained considerable insight to what makes our world such a wonderful but sometimes, frightening, entity. I was an active and willing Participant in the Navy’s “People-to-People” Program! All in all I can say that my Naval Career was an awesome “LEARNING EXPERIENCE” and I feel strongly that I am a better person for having served!
E2 - Seaman Apprentice
Attended/successfully completed RADARMAN Class A School Norfolk,VA

E3 - Seaman / E4- Petty Officer 3rd Class
Served aboard USS Bache DD470

E5 - Petty Officer 2nd Class
Served aboard USS Barton DD722

E6 - Petty Officer 1st Class
Served at Naval Reserve Training Center Asheville, NC as Instructor to members of Naval Reserve

E6 - Petty Officer 1st Class / E7 - Chief Petty Officer
Served aboard USS Abbot DD629

E7 - Chief Petty Officer
Served aboard USS Robert L. Wilson DD847 Leading Petty Officer, Qualified as Anti-submarine Air Controller and Air Intercept Controller also qualified as Junior Officer of the Deck (JOOD) underway operations

E7 - Chief Petty Officer
Served with Inshore Undersea Warfare Group 2 which included deployment to QuiNhon Viet Nam (1966) as leading Chief Petty Officer (senior enlisted man of 60 man team of varied specialties. Established Harbor Defense capability for protection of cargo ships. Selected for Promotion to Warrant Officer W1 and attended/satisfactorily completed officer candidate course of instruction. Assigned to duty as Training Instructor/Observer at Fleet Training Group Guantanamo Bay Cuba providing underway training to crews of Atlantic Fleet Ships and to Foreign Navy ships. Promoted to Commissioned Warrant Officer W2 (technically Specialty of Operations Technician)

Served aboard USS Guam LPH 9 as Combat Information Center Officer (CICO) until assigned as Ships Boatswain (with responsibility for operation and maintenance of ship’s boats, anchoring and mooring gear and preservation of all exposed equipment and hull components. Provided leadership and guidance to approximately 50 personnel of ship’s Deck Department. Qualified as Officer of the Deck for underway fleet operations (OOD), also qualified as Surface Warfare

Officer (SWO) CWO 2
Served at Combat Direction Systems Training Center Dam Neck VA as Officer in Charge of Radarman Class B School (East). Responsible for presentation of the approved course curriculum by 6 to 10 Senior Petty Officers assigned as Instructors, personally instructed several technical subject areas. Promoted to CWO3

Served aboard USS Nashville LPD 13 as Combat Information Center Officer and OI Division Officer until transfer to the Retired List of Naval Officers.