Mission Support

The Warrior's Canvas relies on support from community sponsors and individual donations to keep our mission going. All of the board members, instructors, and other folks you will meet at the art center are volunteers that donate their time at no charge to the art center. 100% of everything you donate will go to our mission of helping veterans and their local communities.

Cash Donations:

Any cash donations under $100 may be taken by an authorized volunteer at The Warrior's Canvas Art Center. Volunteers will also be available at the Warrior's Canvas tent during special events. Monetary donations over $100 must be made through this website.

Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated and essential to continuing our work in the veteran community. We have partnered with PayPal to make this process easier.

Click here to donate directly.

Donations of Items or Materials:

All donated items or materials must be accepted by an authorized volunteer at the Warrior's Canvas. For larger donations, please contact us to make arrangements for volunteers to be at the Art Center in order to examine and take in your donation. Please call or email us before you drop off any items or materials.

Donations of Service or Space:

Any donations of professional service or event spaces must be coordinated with the Warrior’s Canvas Board of Directors. Before the event takes place or service is performed, a written donation receipt must signed by the owner of the space or provider of the service and at least two Board Members. This receipt is to include the specific location and time the Canvas has use of the space, or the specific service being performed, and the estimated value of the space or service. Services and spaces may be itemized on a single receipt if they are donated by the same person for the same or related events.

1.    Please contact the Warrior’s Canvas if you are intending a large donation so that we can work together to decide how to best receive your donation.
2.    The Warrior’s Canvas reserves the right to refuse a donation for any reason. From time to time, we sadly have to decline material donations we cannot store or immediately use due to lack of space.
3.    Large gifts may require a Deed of Gift, even if there is no intended tax write off.

The Warrior’s Canvas is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit specializing in veteran community building. Donation Receipts are available on request.